Youth Services

The Department of Youth and Young Adult Services is comprised of the School Resource Unit, Juvenile Intervention and Investigations Unit and School Crossing Guard Unit. In addition to these Unit, the Department oversees several programs and initiatives aimed towards the youth of Leon County.

The School Resource Deputy Unit currently serves twenty-two schools within the district.   A total of twenty-two deputies (22) are assigned to the unit, in addition to two (2) Sergeants, one Lieutenant and 1 Captain.  Deputies are given primary assignments at each high school, three non-traditional schools, ten middle schools and three of the elementary schools. Our main objective is to enhance students’ educational opportunities by promoting a safe and secure learning environment. In addition to prevention programs, deputies also teach the basic understanding of the Criminal Justice System and the role of a law enforcement officer and their duties. They also take law enforcement action as required within their assigned school.

The goal of the Juvenile Intervention and Investigations Unit is staffed with 3 Detectives and one Sergeant. The goal of the JIIU is to reduce juvenile-related crime using subject-focused prevention, intervention, investigations, and gathering of intel on organized criminal organizations. The unit Conduct follow-up investigations on crimes involving juveniles that may qualify for civil citations. The Unit works with Juvenile Probation Officers, conducts curfew and home detention checks, assists with the Responding Against Delinquency and Recidivism (RADAR) Program. They also partner with Leon County School 21st Century After-school Program. JIIU oversees the agency’s Back on Track Program.

In addressing the root causes of criminal activity in Leon County, it is imperative to start with the youth in our community. Intervening at an early age to provide youth with positive activities and role models can reduce negative influences, which can subsequently lead to criminal behavior. Mentoring, giving youth a voice in the community, and demonstrating one mistake is not equivalent to a lifetime of criminal behavior are all ingrained in the prevention and intervention initiatives targeting youth in our community. School Resource Deputies also participate in several community programs - Sheriff’s Adventure Camp, Sheriff’s Youth Ranch, Sheriff's Explorer Post, Teen Driver’s Challenge, Sheriff’s Youth Advisory Council, Scouting, and Back on Track Program.

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