The Leon County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit consists of a team of detectives with specialized training in the many facets of illegal drugs. The unit handles a wide variety of illegal drug activity from the street level dealer to large scale drug trafficking organizations (DTO). The unit works closely with our local, state, and federal partners to track these illegal drugs back to the source.

The Narcotics Unit on many occasions also works in support of the other investigative units within the Sheriff’s Office. These additional tasks include assisting with mobile surveillance, stakeouts and other covert specialized operations.

Over the years, the Narcotics Unit has seen the drug trends evolve from large scale outdoor marijuana grow operations, to powder and crack cocaine, to designer drugs, to indoor marijuana grow houses, to meth labs, to pill mills, and  bath salts. While these are the most prominent drug trends seen in this area, there are still many different other types of illegal drugs investigated within Leon County.

Every year the Narcotics Unit investigates hundreds of cases that lead to large seizures of illegal drugs, cash, and other assets.